Women self-defense techniques will literally save your life. ‘Stay Away’ is a self-defense program developed by the IKMF designed specifically from a woman’s physical and psychological standpoint.

Since 1997, over 30,000 women around the world have attended these seminars with incredible success. Since its inception, this program has evolved, but the core has remained constant. This program tackles the issues of differences between the attacker and the woman; it focuses on women’s size, strength, and mental condition while under attack.

The ‘Stay Away’ program offers a number of different options. Most women value their financial security and tend to put the family first. There is no greater gift a woman can give to herself and her family than the gift of safety!

Additional issues included in women self-defense have to do with home invasion, third side protection (protecting your children), and using common objects (keys, handbag etc.) to block the assailant and counterattack.